Pushing Daisies 1x01 - Pie-lette


Du Juan in Vogue China February 2014, ph. by David Bellemere.


hannibal meme; 4/11 hannibal lecter quotes

And be grateful, our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real.


You see; you don’t observe.

This is my… my associate, Clara Oswald.


s h e ’ s   n o t   p o s s i b l e


me cleaning


•Dead Man Walking•

finnickflamel asked ~ Hey! I am so, so, sorry for the late reply, I've been really busy and forgetful lately. But anyway... I am your secret santa! I enjoyed sending you the anons and I hope you enjoyed getting them too :)

Sorry! I was away from the internet for a while! Thanks for all the messages!!

Anonymous asked ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you are having a really really nice day and get all the presents and food and good company that you hoped for. I am so excited for the dw special! Now... shall I reveal who I am? ~Secret Santa x

Just watched it and cried!! WHO ARE YOU???

The Final Hour Meme 

↳ Up Close & Personal

Anonymous asked ~ So, it's Christmas Eve... excited? Prepared? I still have a lot to do so I'm a bit stressed. What do you do on Christmas Eve? Anything special? We go carol singing. :) ~Secret Santa

So excited! But I have presents to make and stuff. Its my parents wedding anniversary so we always go out for dinner. I CANT WAIT FOR CHRISTMASSSS!! I wish I had people to go caroling with!